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More Than Just A Gym

Daily Trainer

Home Edition

Strength Workouts

A new strength workout 4 x per week. Workouts are body weight only but weights can be added. Each workout is pre-recorded demonstrating each movement and easier alternatives. Workouts can be completed at your pace and any time through the week.


New 10-30 minutes Abs or Cardio circuits added weekly that you can perform after your strength workouts or on rest days for extra focus on Abs or increased calorie burn for fat loss. High impact and low impact circuits available.


With the Daily Trainer you can contact me anytime with any questions, concerns, advice or support you need.


The Daily Trainer is a 2 weeks subscription package that costs £20. Subscriptions will automatically restart after 2 weeks unless cancelled 3 days in advance.

Sign up today and take control of your fitness at home