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More Than Just A Gym



Sunday 29/03/2020

Posted on 29 March, 2020 at 13:45 Comments comments (559)

I'm writing the date as the title just to remind myself what day it is 8)

1st week of Daily Trainer done and !st week in isolation done. I personally have really enjoyed it. Some of the things I've enjoyed:

  • Being home! I'm never home. I've got a list of jobs to do and really enjoying have the time to do them. Taking pride in your home is a must, especially right now.
  • Spending time with the kids. Not really time in the house because that can be a daily war, especially trying to do school work. More the long dog walks together in the countryside, telling stories, showing them the stupid stuff I did as a kid.
  • Being creative. Mainly with home workouts. Usually I'd be in the gym lifting heavy weights and following my standard plan. Isolation has got me thinking about muscle stimulation, overload and angles. Really enjoying it and I'm sure it will show in this weeks workouts.
So yeah, so far I'm enjoying my new routine just now.
What I have picked up on is lack of routine from most. One of the biggest problem areas being diets. Eating because your bored, eating more than normal because the food is available to you or emotional eating because of the current situation. 

Who falls into this bracket?
Too many biscuits... Wine every night?

Comment and let me know what you're gonna do this week to get back on top of it.


Friday 27/03/2020 - Overview

Posted on 27 March, 2020 at 10:05 Comments comments (881)

1st full week of no gym!

I don't know about you guys but this week my anxiety has been high and spent hours every day on social media. Gradually I've settled into a routine now, thankfully.I feel much more at ease and no pressure to do 1 million things. This upcoming week I will enjoy the process of designing and doing each workout much more.

 A few things that have become apparent to me as I've isolated this week...

 1 - Everyone needs some form of exercise to mentally cope with panic and uncertainty. Is that a natural instinct, survival of the fittest? or is it purely the stress release and endorphins that help us cope?

2 - Kids hate school work and entertaining them is a novelty for the 1st hour of the day.

3 - I love my own time far too much.

 4 - More people need thoracic mobility. Sitting on my computer all week I've felt myself round over and stretch my neck out...I'll be a giraffe by the time isolation is over. For some sitting at a desk or driving daily is the norm. If so I've attached a link to a video on Youtube showing exercises you should do daily or at least 3x per week to reduce a build up and tightness across the neck and shoulders, improve your posture and prevent injuries when you exercise.