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More Than Just A Gym

6 Week Challenge

To Enter:

Post 3 full body selfies of yourself on My PT Hub using a mirror or get a partner to take them by or on Monday the 11th of May 2020. I need a front, side and back picture. Pictures must be updated each week. Pictures are completely confidential and will not be used as marketing unless permission is acquired.


To improve your body physically the best you can within 6 weeks.


I will provide you with a structured 6 week plan that progressively gets more challenging as you get fitter. I will guide you with nutrition showing you how to adapt your diet to continue progress. I will support you through a community group. You will be accountable through Weekly check ins.

How to Win:

The winner will be picked by myself. I will pick the winner using your 1st and last picture. I will be looking for noticeable size changes, shape changes and tone.

6 weeks isn't long.

To get real results in short period of time you will need to be disciplined, focused and ready to make sacrifices if needed.

The workouts and nutrition I provide are just a base, you can adapt to suit you more personally.

The Facebook group is there to ask questions, help others and learn. Please use this tool. you will achieve so much more with support than going solo.

I've provided links below you with the info you need to start getting results.

Let's Do This!

1 - Join the Facebook Support Group and live workouts


2 - The Workout Plan

The 6 week challenge will have it's own workouts.

I have created a 6 week structured plan of HIRT workouts (High Intensity Resistance Training (not high impact)) designed to build muscle, make you stronger and get you fitter. The 3 phase plan consists of Prime/ Persist & Push!

We will do 3 Live workouts in the Facebook group, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm. I will post a workout for every Tuesday and Thursday that will be pre-recorded. These workouts will remain in the group and you can do them after the live filming.

Daily Trainer Workouts will be available as normal and the full week will be updated every Sunday.

3 - Diet

Dieting will be key in getting real results.

1 - You need to be in a calorie deficit.

Go to the Calorie calculator in the previous page and honestly fill out the form. Pick a daily calorie amount that achieves between a 1-2lb weight loss per week.

2 - Protein should be high.

Try to keep protein levels between 1.2g per lb of bodyweight per day or simply 40% of your daily calorie. If you follow a low protein diet this will be tough. FYI low protein diets have a direct link to poor body composition and poor recovery.

3 - Fat and Carbs are flexible.

Focus on daily calorie deficit and protein. Carbs and fats are less important, lets keep it simple and focus on the main 2. You will naturally go to a higher carb or higher fat diet in time.

4 - Keep a Diary

2 options:

1. Use a calorie counter, my fitness pal, my pt hub, or fat secret. Use one of these to record your daily calorie intake and protein. Great if you like to change things up but more challenging to manage if your food understanding is low and it can become tedious.

2. Follow a set plan. I have attached a simple meal template below you can follow and there is a meal builder on the previous page. I still highly suggest still putting them into a calorie counter first. This is great for busy people who don't have time to think about food and also a great meal prep option.

5 - Cheat Day?

Skip this part. If you crave a certain food have it or give yourself a day that you will wait to have it. Then adjust your calories to fit it in. Remember a 2lb drop per week is 1000 calorie deficit. You have some leeway but remember you're an adult and responsible for what you consume. We all have craving and give into them, you have to make a sacrifice. Hold off and the craving will fade or fulfil that craving and adapt the next days calories or week.




4 - Check ins

1 - Each week you must check in using My Pt Hub. Every Sunday.

2 - A check in must be at least 3 full body photos, Front, side back.

3 - I advise doing a weigh in and measurements weekly too.

4 - I will post out in the community group every Sunday for feed back and solutions.

5 - Check ins are also your chance to ask me personally for advice. If you think of something midweek, save it to your notes and keep a record of it for Sunday. Alternatively put it on the community group and someone else might know the answer and be able to help. That's what the group is for. Don't be scared to ask.


5 - Cardio

Putting this here because I know I'll be asked.

When it comes to transforming your body, Cardio is a tool to burn calories.

It will take 30+ minutes to burn 3-400 calories and only a few minutes to eat it. My advice, if you don't like cardio try to keep active in general. Steps, Gardening, Cleaning etc. the more active you are the easier it is to burn calories and lose fat.

If you love cardio, Keep doing it. Do the daily trainer circuits, go for bike rides and runs.

What I will say is progressively do more.